This article is about building a deep neural network from scratch without using libraries like Tensorflow, keras or Pytorch etc. It consists of two sections. In the first part, We will see what is deep neural network, how it can learn from the data, the mathematics behind it and in the second part we will talk about building one from scratch using python.

If you are familiar with concepts of neural network feel free to skip the first part and straightway jump on to “Building a Network to identify Handwritten Digits” section.

What is Deep Neural Network?

Before we actually jump onto what is an…

This post talks on how to host your trained machine learning model as a REST API so that we can use the model for prediction. This post considers python Flask for building REST endpoint and docker for containerizing.


You need knowledge of the following:

  1. Python
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Scikit-Learn
  5. Docker

Table of contents

  1. Why we need REST API for ML model?
  2. Create a Machine Learning model using SKLearn
  3. Package the model in to pickle file
  4. Create FLASK API
  5. Create a docker image
  6. Run the container locally
  7. Use REST end-point for prediction

1. Why we need REST API for ML model?

Once we train our machine learning model, we want the model…

Naga Durga Sreenivasulu kedari

Software Engineer, Data Science

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